Wady Properties are mainly focused on housing refurbishments and new construction for individuals.

We carry out all kinds of projects, always in constant communication with the client and fully adapting to their needs and requirements. We study the best technical solution to apply and always looking for the system that best suits each situation.

Wady Properties will provide you with quotes to establish the project costs which we will explain and discuss with you in more detail later on. We’ll also take you to kitchen and tile stores to show you what’s locally available for your house refurbishments.

We carry out all kinds of work in masonry, plumbing, carpentry, locksmithing, aluminum, electricity, painting and more.

Our priority is customer satisfaction, that is why we offer you the highest quality, seriousness, guarantee and professionalism to carry out all your projects.

Licensing and permissions management

We will advise you on legal / administrative procedures and if you wish, we will also manage the licenses and permits necessary to carry out the work.